Caldera Private

Admire the magic of the island that unfolds in front of you, experiencing a completely personalized trip in harmony with the Greek beauty and tradition


Caldera Private

Day trip 10:30-15:30 / Sunset trip 15:30 - after sunset / Full Day 10 hours

The magic of the island unfolds in front of you, offering the chance to experience a completely personalized trip, in harmony with the Greek beauty and tradition. Arrange your own program acquaintance with the nicest spots of the island, living unique experiences such as fishing, snorkeling with the help of the crew, and taste traditional local dishes of excellent quality.

Day Trip


Trip package includes:

  • Transportation from/to the hotel with a/c bus
  • Maps and information about the island
  • Lunch or Dinner on board: Chicken fillet, Greek salad & tzatziki, stuffed vine & butter bean, fresh fruits, local wine, ouzo, beverages (Vegetarian meal available upon request)
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Towels
  • Special services available upon request

Caldera Private Fishing

Day trip: 10:30-15:30 / Sunset trip: 15.30 - after sunset / Full Day 10 hours

Enjoy a unique fishing experience through the most traditional way, in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, starting your private fishing tour from the port of Vlihada and stopping at several fishing spots in the Caldera, exploring the Volcanic ffish of the area. A complete fishing equipment is available on board, along with the useful assistance of the crew, so as to make the experience even more exciting.



Route Map


The company reserves the right: a) to change or modify the route of the scheduled trip or to cancel it due to inclement weather or for reasons it deems that they should not ensure safety for the customer. In case of cancellation 100% refund of the down or full payment is applied. b) To carry out the trip with any vessel of the same category depending on the availability and the conditions governing its operations and with the commitment that in any case it will provide to the customer the agreed services.