Santorini Yachting Experience

We ensure the utmost in comfort, service and enjoyment.

Looking for a Lifetime Experience?

Join us for a unique sailing cruise experience in Santorini and the Greek islands, but first let us introduce ourselves.

Who we are

We are a group of islanders & seafarers ready to initiate you to the beauty of Sailing. What you will discover in your journey with us, will be with you forever.

Caldera Yachting represents the optimal sailing experience. We offer our clients the comfort and pleasure of luxury personalized cruises around the beautiful island of Santorini, creating an exceptional and unforgettable experience. We guarantee a superb day of sailing in a relaxed atmosphere, while taking care of all practical aspects of the trip efficiently and in response to customer needs and wishes.

Our mission:
To create the Experience of a Lifetime on-board for every guest, offering added value to his precious time & choice
Our vision:
To keep growing and make affordable luxury available to every guest through safe and innovative services
Our Values :
Customer-first, Responsibility, Teamwork, Respect, Effectiveness
What we do

We offer all-inclusive shared and private cruises on a wide variety of brand-new vessels. Our yachts include luxury catamarans, monohulls, motor yachts, traditional and rib boats, combining comfort, safety, and premium style with excellent performance. Our well-trained and highly experienced crew offers first class services on-board.

Caldera Yachting offers the experience of a lifetime.

Our Story

Driven by the love for the sea and hospitality, 12 years ago, we started in 2009 in Santorini a new company named Caldera Yachting. With a “fleet” of 2 boats and a team of 5 people, we were ready for the big journey; a journey full of experiences, difficulties, where we get to meet different people from all over the world.

Year by year more and more visitors showed us their trust and we drew even greater strength to keep going and grow. In 2019 our fleet reached 18 boats, our team exceeded 120 members and we managed to welcome on-board over 50,000 guests and become part of their unique experiences in Greece. A milestone in our journey is the ISO 9001: 2015, which sealed the commitment to what we do.

Since 2014 we receive with great pleasure and honor the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, since 2015 we have a continuous presence at the Greek Tourism Awards. In 2017 we went abroad, the company was honored with the award “Charter Company of the Year, ranking it among the best in the world, while in 2018 we came back from London with the title “Best in Luxury” from the International Travel & Tourism Awards.

We start our business.

Caldera Yachting is live!

  • Fist office in Fira
  • 3 yachts in our fleet
  • 1 proposed cruise
  • 5.000 guests travelled with us
  • 4 yachts in our fleet
  • 2 proposed cruises
  • 5.500 guests travelled with us
  • 5 yachts in our fleet
  • 3 proposed cruises
  • 6.700 guests travelled with us
  • 7 yachts in our fleet
  • 8.800 guests travelled with us
  • New offices in FIra
  • 10 yachts in our fleet
  • 4 proposed cruises
  • 1st excellence award from Trip advisor
  • 11.500 guests travelled with us
  • 4.200 followers in Social Media
  • 10 yachts in our fleet
  • Silver award in Tourism Awards
  • Trip advisor excellence award
  • 15.000 guests travelled with us
  • 10.000 followers in Social Media
  • New offices in Athens
  • Gold award in Tourism Awards
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • 21.000 guests travelled with us
  • 12 yachts in our fleet
  • 70 employees
  • 10 cars fleet
  • 300 external partners
  • 11.000 followers in Social Media
  • New Caldera Yachting App for smartphones
  • New Caldera Yachting Club
  • New Riva Club Santorini
  • Gold and Bronze awards in Tourism Awards
  • Charter company of the year in Greece by LTG
  • The charter company – Global award by LTG
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • Second office in Fira
  • 15 yachts in our fleet
  • 32.000 guests travelled with us
  • 90 employees
  • 16 cars fleet
  • 535 external partners
  • 11.000 followers in Social Media
  • Gold award in Tourism Awards
  • Silver award in Best in Luxury in International Travel Tourism Awards by WTM
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • ISO certification
  • 17 yachts in our fleet
  • 150 employees
  • 750 external partners
  • 16 cars fleet
  • 14.000 followers in Social Media
  • 42.600 guests travelled with us
  • Gold award in Tourism Awards
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • In 4 best in Best in Luxury in International Travel Tourism Awards by WTM
  • 10 years celebration of company’s operations
  • 18 yachts in our fleet
  • 130 employees
  • 18 cars fleet
  • 50.000 guests travelled with us
  • 20000 followers in Social Media
  • 2.000 members in Riva Club
  • 800 external partners
  • Gold and Silver award in Tourism Awards
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • Ιmplementation of all safety measures due to the pandemic
  • We stayed open with 13 yachts, 5 cruises and 70 employees
  • 11.133 guests travelled with us
  • 22.000 followers in Social Media
  • The company is certified by the CERTIFICATION BUREAU with the Certificate of Registration to CMD 1881/20 Hygiene Standard for the implementation of preventive measures against COVID-19.
  • New Branding
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • Silver award in Tourism Awards
  • 30.350 guests travelled with us
  • 25.000 followers in Social Media
  • 19 yachts in our fleet
  • 100 employees
  • Awarded as ‘Best Luxury Yacht Company in Europe 2022’  by International Travel Awards
  • Awarded as Best Luxury Private Cruises in Greece’ by Luxury Lifestyle Awards
  • Certified by CEO Destinations Travel Awards as ‘Best Luxury Private Cruises in Greece’ 
  • 3 awards in Tourism Awards 2022, Gold, Silver & Bronze 
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • 55.000 guests travelled with us
  • 30.000 followers in Social Media
  • 23 yachts in our fleet
  • 120 employees
  • Awarded as ‘Best Luxury Yacht Company in Europe 2023’  by International Travel Awards
  • 3 awards in Tourism Awards 2023, Gold and 2 Silver  
  • Trip advisor excellence
  • 50.000 guests travelled with us
  • 700 partners on board
  • 33.000 followers in Social Media
  • 24 yachts in our fleet
  • 100 employees
The Caldera Yachting Team

Our team is our greatest asset. Behind every company there is a great team of people, and we have the best. Our success depends on the group of beautiful minds that came together and keep giving their best to serve every and each guest.

“The most significant investment in our company is our people. Those who serve our vision and offer the highest quality of service daily, being untouched and feeling passion about what they do.  They are all those who create the real experience for each guest with absolute respect for his time and personal moment. They take care of all those on board that will ensure safety, comfort and convenience, always with their discreet presence. Our guests receive it and praises it at every opportunity. This is the greatest reward of our effort all these years.”

Yiannis Matthaios CEO Caldera Yachting

Our crew, fully knowledgeable of the waters around Santorini and the Aegean Sea, is at your disposal to suggest and organize an excellent itinerary for those who want to explore Greek islands.

Here you will find team members of diverse backgrounds, nationality, age, gender, education. We believe that diversity brings in new ideas and experiences, and people can learn from each other.

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