Live your own experience!

“I do”

Celebrate on board! It is your, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion? What about a boat party with your favourite persons? Get on board with, choose the music of your preference, the menu, let us know about any special requirement and enjoy a cruise around the Caldera. We can prepare for you the most exclusive and memorable experience for

  • A Wedding proposal
  • Your Wedding reception and anniversaries
  • Bachelor’s and Bachelorette’s party
  • Your Vows renewal
  • Honeymooners


Α click of the camera has the power to capture the beauty of the landscape the personal moment we want to remain indelible in time, the memories we want to stay alive, the story we want to share the experience we want to live again and again. Santorini is the magical place that composes images in unique colors. Get ready for the most beautiful moments with a background of the beauty of the landscape.

  • Wedding photography
  • Fashion, product and Lifestyle photography
  • Celebrations photography
  • Seascape and underwater photography
  • Travel photography

“Sports & Wellness”

Get ready for a unique experience of energy and wellness. let yourself feel the sea breeze. organize the program that suits you with the experts. Relax the body and mind remove negative energy or break down adrenaline. The choice is yours. The welcoming atmosphere and the volcanic vibes give another dimension to your choice.

  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing

“Dinner on board Just for 2”

A different yachting experience begins for you and your company. An exquisite escape, relaxing sailing with our luxurious vessels. A retreat to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world with a backdrop of magnificent Caldera and dinner on board under the moonlight and bright light of stars, in an absolutely idyllic and uncrowded atmosphere aboard, exclusively for you. Moody music, rich local dishes will accompany the magical evening journey. Experience the unique taste feast and romanticism.

“Friends & Family or Corporate”

The magic of the island unfolds by giving you the chance to experience a completely personalized trip. Arrange your own program acquaintance with the assistance of our expert crew to the nicest spots of the island. Live an incomparable experience, celebrate a personal special event or schedule a trip for professional reasons. Offer a special day to your loved ones or celebrate birthdays. Request your special menu & drinks, music preferences even a live band, a photographer or something special that will make this experience even more unique. A unique chance to experience a completely personalized tour around the Caldera. Plan the perfect moment with the assistance of our experts. Take your loved ones and let the journey begin!

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Social gatherings
  • Family moments
  • Corporate events

All experiences and activities are organized by the company upon request. They can be included in private cruise programs and take place on the yacht that the customer will choose if all the conditions for implementation are met (boat capacity, safety, equipment, etc.). The pricing of each activity is extra of the charge of the cruise program and after arrangement with experts who will undertake the implementation of the client’s selection program. Special menu and drink requests can be arranged at an additional cost that may arise.