Museums You’ll Want to Visit in Santorini

Museums You’ll Want to Visit in Santorini

Santorini is the one of a kind island in the Aegean. It’s known for its white-washed buildings and blue domed churches. There are many things to do in Santorini, but one of the best ways to learn about this beautiful place is at one of its museums. Santorini has many museums to choose from. This island is rich in history and culture, and there are many different ways to experience it. Make sure you explore at least one of these museums while you’re visiting!

Here are some of the must-see museums in Santorini:

Santorini Wine Museum

The Wine Museum is an extraordinary natural cave and because of its unique position this natural labyrinth is eight meters below ground and 300 meters long. The Wine Museum of Santorini along with Koutsogiannopoulos winery that produces Volcan Wines, and the vineyards are situated in the area of Vothonas, on the way to Kamari beach. It’s a small family business, established in 1880 from the Koutsogiannopoulos brothers. Get to learn the evolution of life and wine production in Santorini. Experience the taste of Santorini. Everything a visitor would want to know about winemaking in one of the most unique places on earth. With the Koutsogiannopoulos family knowledge and historical exhibits, guests will get a glimpse of what life was like as a winemaker here.

Excavations at Akrotiri

The excavations at Akrotiri have uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean that was buried by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. It was discovered in 1967 and excavated over the next 25 years, revealing a city laid out according to principles unknown at that time. It contains many archaeological treasures including houses with frescoes and pottery, as well as industrial areas where metals were made; they also found evidence of wine production. Walk through history and discover the magic of the Minoan culture.

The archaeological site of Akrotiri is a must-see for anyone visiting Santorini, and it’s easy to understand why: this ancient Minoan city was buried under ash from an eruption of Mount Thera 3,500 years ago. Now you can visit as part of your trip! The ruins have been excavated, revealing detailed paintings and artifacts that give insight into what life was like during this time period. This museum also offers tours where you get up close and personal with some artifacts for an immersive experience unlike any other on this list–you’ll feel like you’re actually there!

Museum of Prehistoric Thera

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera is another must-see attraction near Fira town square where you could also spend explore shops and the city. This museum houses over 1,000 pieces including pottery pieces found at Akrotiri along with other items recovered from nearby archaeological sites throughout Santorini island dating back thousands years ago! You’ll want visit here before heading off into town since it’s located right next door…and don’t forget your camera too because there will definitely be plenty worth photographing while walking around inside too!

Archeological museum of Thera

The Fira Archaeological Museum is home to artifacts dating back as far as 3,500 BC. The museum is housed in an old building that was originally used for storing wine and other goods. Inside, you’ll find a collection of ancient jewelry, pottery, coins and more from the Bronze Age through Roman times. The museum’s most impressive feature is its stunning location: it overlooks Fira’s bustling harbor with views over Santorini’s spectacular caldera coastline on one side and down into its historic town center on the other side.

Naval Maritime Museum in Oia

It resides in an old Captain’s Mansion in Oia. The building has been restored and converted into a museum that houses the Maritime History of Thira. Rare figureheads, Seamens’ Chests, old maritime equipment, carrening drawings and patterns, models of old and new Thiran ships, acquarelles featuring old sailing vessels as well as rare photographs and a library, all register year by year the contribution of the Thirans to the glorious history of the Hellenic Navy.

The marine treasures, however, have their place in their natural space where the visitor can enjoy all the majesty of nature. Another must do in order to get Santorini’s true essence, experience a private caldera cruise with Caldera Yachting. The extraordinary island with many secret treasures and a rich cultural heritage will reward you with stunning views while sailing through the Caldera.