Does sailing promote better mental health?

Sailing promotes better mental health.

“To desire nothing beyond what you have is surely happiness. Aboard a boat, it is frequently possible to achieve just that. That is why sailing is a way of life, one of the finest of lives.”Carleton Mitchell

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads globally, it is causing a great deal of fear and concern among various groups, such as older adults and those with underlying health conditions.

According to experts, sailing can improve our confidence, reduce stress, and boost our self-esteem. It’s a relaxing activity that can help our bodies and minds feel truly peaceful.

Relaxation at sea

The Sights and Sounds of Sailing

The sounds and sights of a sailing vessel can have an enormous positive impact over us. It’s also a great recreational activity that can improve our physical and mental health.

Extra oxygen in your brain releases more of the happy hormone serotonin, boosting your mood and improving your mental health. Not to mention that learning new skills on board can help boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Being on a boat helps us feel good about ourselves and our lives. The sea, the view, the sky, allow us to breathe, smile and feel the happiness.

Aside from being a relaxing activity, sailing can also help lower stress levels. This is because the stress hormones produced by the activity can help lower our blood pressure.

It can also help us enjoy life more and escape from this difficult reality.

Is there a better way to spend your summer vacations than enjoying a good sailing trip?

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You simply sit back and enjoy your stress free and relaxing sailing vacation in Santorini!

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