Santorini – The Lost City of Atlantis

The most famous mythological island of all times

Santorini – The Lost City of Atlantis

Atlantis is the most famous mythological island of all times. It was considered to be a utopia. Its impact on literature and the arts is prominent through the centuries.

The Lost Atlantis experience was created in Santorini, one of the alleged locations of the mythological island of Atlantis. The experience is located near the village of Megalochori and offers the opportunity to learn about the Minoan culture and the myth of Atlantis in an interactive way. I mean who wouldn’t want to have a chat with Plato, well in that case his hologram and discuss the myth of Atlantis! Through innovative technologies discover the evidence shown by the volcanic eruption and travel in time.

Re-live, with all your senses, the earthquake, the tsunami and the volcanic eruption that led to the destruction of Atlantis in a 9D experience.

After time travelling, sail through the waters of the historic events that happened, while living your own myth in one of our private caldera cruises. Discover the sea beauty by swimming and diving at the bottom of the caldera exploring a different world taken from the history of Atlantis. Your all-day tour starting from the Lost City of Atlantis will end enjoying the wonderful sunset of Santorini on one of our yachts with the amazing landscape of the Caldera in the background.

Whether it’s the lost city of Atlantis or just a new city or country that you’ve never been to before, there are many wonders out there waiting for us all.