Stories from the Aegean Sea

Chapter #1 Ios - Mykonos

Stories from the Aegean Sea: Chapter #1 Ios – Mykonos

Ios & the Magical Maganari Beach

The island of Ios, or Nios as locals call it, is a charming Cycladic island and renowned among the young for its vivid nightlife. It is located between Santorini, Paros and Naxos islands and offers a plethora of lovely bays and beaches. Maganari Beach is one of the most wonderful scenery with its clear blue waters.

Manganari consists of a series of sandy coves that shape into several smaller beaches. With pure sand on the shore and crystal water, no wind to make your swim uncomfortable and a huge rock to dive Manganari beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Aegean.

Mykonos – The Island of the Winds

An island of beauty and magic Mykonos has been known as the island of the winds, and it’s located in the heart of the Cyclades group. Its fame has spread across the world, as a cosmopolitan and luxurious holiday destination. There are, however, two faces to this island that not many people know of.

The first one is the obviously intense, shiny and cosmopolitan aspect of it, and the other one is particularly picturesque, with stone-paved alleys, whitewashed houses, country chapels and windmills, that ooze calm and peace. What makes this island special is that it can cover a variety of demands: you can visit it for its archaeological sites; get to know the local traditions in its picture-perfect villages; and you can explore its amazing beaches, considered by many as the top ones in the Aegean Sea.

The island was named after the hero Mykonos, son of Anios, King of Delos, who was born to god Apollo and the nymph Reo. According to the myth, this is the place where the giants slain by Hercules were buried and that is why the island is strewn with big rocks.

A full day Cruise, starting from Santorini, provides you the chance to enjoy a classic island – hopping combination. First, you will visit Ios with a stop at Maganari Beach to enjoy the wonderful clear blue waters for swimming and snorkelling. The next stop of the full day trip is Mykonos where for 4 hours you will get to know the magic of the island with free time to explore the mainland, visit some of the famous beaches of the island and enjoy your meal with local flavours.

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