Taste the Magic of Santorini Wines – An Insider’s Guide

Taste the Magic of Santorini Wines – An Insider’s Guide

Whether you are visiting Santorini for its exciting history and architecture, the dazzling caldera views, the inviting beaches, or its’ culinary delights – nothing compares with the centuries-old wine culture that remains on this magical Greek island.

Evidence of vines’ deep roots (literally!) has been discovered in archaeological digs dating back 3,500 years ago! An amazing feat considering the parched volcanic soil these resilient grapes managed to thrive in all those many moons ago. So don’t miss out – discover some local favorites while visiting and enjoy!

Santorini’s iconic grape variety, Assyrtiko, is the star of its vineyards. Its century-old vines yield exquisite wines that uniquely reflect their unique terroir and characterize this ancient landscape. Assyrtiko is characterized by its intense aromas of citrus fruits, minerals, and herbs. It pairs wonderfully with fresh fish and seafood dishes.

Nykteri is a dry white wine often aged in oak barrels for extra complexity and depth of flavor. In the past, the assyrtiko grapes destined for Nykteri were pressed at night, right after the harvest hence the name which derives from the Greek word “nychta” (”night”). Aromas of apples and pears are complemented by subtle notes of smokey oak which give this wine a robust body and smooth finish that make it an ideal pairing for salads or roasted poultry dishes.

Athiri produces fresh, light-bodied white wines that are high in acidity and have delicate floral aromatics. It is perfect for leisurely sipping during long summer lunches or dinner parties with friends because they pair well with lighter dishes like salads or grilled vegetables.

Aidani is another indigenous variety from Santorini and is one of the oldest known varieties on the island. Aidani wines are quite refreshing, with a hint of citrus zest and minerality on the palate. It is ideal for seafood or summer dishes due to its light body and high acidity.

Mandilaria is a local red grape variety that produces intense and full-bodied wines. Its spicy aromas of black pepper, leather, and tobacco make this wine perfect for pairing with grilled meats or savory dishes like moussaka.

Mavrotragano also is an indigenous red grape variety that produces earthy and full-bodied wines. These wines have notes of blackberry, cherry, and violet with a hint of spice which makes them a great accompaniment to grilled steaks or lamb dishes.

Vinsanto, Santorini’s renowned dessert wine made from overripe white grapes is a treat for the senses. Characterized by its red hue and sweet taste – described as an “explosion” of raisins, dried figs, honey, nuts & coffee – this unique libation goes through years of maturation in oak barrels before it can be enjoyed to full effect.

With all these fantastic wines available, Santorini is a paradise for wine lovers!

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the authentic Santorini, then a visit to one (or more) of its 21 (!) renowned wineries is an absolute must. Not only will you get to taste some of the best wines of Greece, but you’ll also meet the people and you will get to learn about the rich history and culture surrounding the island’s winemaking.

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So what are you waiting for? Make your trip to Santorini even more memorable by indulging in the local wines and taking some of the magic back home with you.