The Best of Santorini for Singles, Couples & Families!

No matter how you are travelling, you have chosen the ideal island!

Santorini: a dazzlingly beautiful island in Greece. We have identified it in our minds as a romantic place for couples, which it obviously is, but it is not just that, Santorini is an emblematic destination for everyone! Every year Santorini also hosts hundreds of families and single travellers. Discover its iconic whitewashed villages on the edge of the cliff, enjoy the image of the blue domes embraced by the flowering bougainvillea trees. The sunset and the view are for everyone!

Would you like to go on a romantic trip with your partner? Would you like to meet new people and live unique moments? Would you like to visit with your family the unique beaches with dark sand and take a dip from a boat with a wonderful view? Whatever you have in mind, you have chosen the ideal island that combines everything!

Best Places to Stay in Santorini

Where you choose to stay while in Santorini is an important choice to make before planning your trip. While the caldera is well known for its stunning views and instagrammable sunsets, there is much more to Santorini than JUST the caldera. Depending on what kind of trip you are planning and if you are by yourself, with your significant other or with the whole family we have our recommendations for the best place to stay.

Fira Town – Best For Singles

Fira (or Thera) is the beautiful capital of the island and the largest and most cosmopolitan settlement of Santorini. It is located at the western end of the island, opposite the volcano and the two small volcanic islands of Palea Kammeni and Nea Kammeni. It has a great combination of natural beauty and social activities, with many restaurants, cafes & bars, major museums, many boutiques, souvenir shops, entertainment venues, and a vibrant nightlife. Fira is located in the center of Santorini, and everything is close by.

Fira is the perfect spot for single travellers exactly because of its cosmopolitan nature. Explore the shops and museums by day and come the night you may just suddenly find yourself in the middle of a big party! The options for nightlife are numerous and more than in any other part of the island, take advantage of it! The accommodation options in Fira are also suitable for all types of visitors. You can choose from a luxury hotel with fantastic views to a simple hostel or even the camping site for nature lovers. And of course the view of the Caldera is magnificent both day and night!

Oia – Best For Couples

Oia is a traditional settlement of Santorini and is considered one of the most picturesque places in Greece, with a strong traditional character and is world-famous for its sunset. It is a peaceful and idyllic place that comes alive in the afternoon during sunset. It is an ideal place for couples because it combines a peacefulness not found in Fira with the romance of uninterrupted caldera view and that indescribable Santorini sunset.

Enjoying that sunset during a wonderful dinner with good wine above the caldera will surely seduce you (and your partner!). Walk hand in hand through the alleys and capture your special moments on camera in the most photogenic corner of Santorini. Oia has several options for restaurants and luxury hotels but if you want an intense night of club fun you should go to Fira which is only 11 km away.

Kamari – Best For Families

Kamari is a seaside village of Santorini, located at the foot of Mesa Vouno where the famous archeological site of Ancient Thera is located. It is on the east side of the island, at a distance of 9 km from Fira and not far from the Santorini Airport. It is a village where you and your family will not be bothered by the crowds as even in the summer months when the island is full, Kamari is comfortably quiet and there is parking everywhere.

The beach in Kamari is ideal for swimming and has been awarded the Blue Flag. It is an organised beach with a lifeguard for peace of mind and options for food and drink are plentiful along the promenade. The paved coastal road is ideal for a walk that is parallel to the beach and stretches along the bay for magnificent views and is closed to cars and motorbikes during the summer months. There are many hotels in Kamari, all close to the beach and ranging from budget to luxury options.

Popular Things to Do in Santorini

In Santorini there are many different entertainment options for all visitors. Individual and group activities that will fill your day in the best possible way. Dinners against the backdrop of the sunset and walks in the picturesque alleys of the island, there is more than enough to fill up your time! Indeed, the options are many, but our recommendations below should certainly not be missed!

For Singles – Hiking from Fira to Oia

You do not need to be a sports fanatic to enjoy one of the best adventures Santorini has to offer! If you want to enjoy a magnificent route overlooking the volcano and the caldera, you should definitely not miss the hike from Fira to Oia – a 9 km long marked path at the edge of the caldera that connects the two villages.

It is certain that you will make continuous stops to photograph this wonderful landscape, which at every step looks even more beautiful. It is one of the best points of interest in Santorini. Starting from Fira, you will have reached Oia in about two hours. The route is not difficult; however, you will enjoy it more in the morning or the afternoon when the sun is not too hot. Of course, the ideal plan is to combine this experience with the sunset in Oia. Αs you admire the volcano from above you will definitely want to visit it also, and we can help you with that!

For Singles – Santorini Small Group Cruise

Santorini boat trips are a must do activity for everyone that visits Santorini. Enjoy a unique sailing experience aboard our catamarans and meet like minded travellers on our small group 5-hour cruises through the clear blue waters of the Aegean. Whether you choose a cruise in the morning or the afternoon, the only sure thing is that you will have an unforgettable time. You will visit places accessible only by boat including the Red & White beach, Mavro Vouno, the thermal springs on the volcano, and the island of Thirasia. Equip yourself with your appetite for adventure, your swimsuit and your camera and share this experience that will connect you with your new friends for a lifetime!

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For Couples – A Santorini Wine Tour

Wine tours are one of the most popular activities in Santorini. The island is famous for its excellent white wines, as well as for its dessert wines with the famous “vinsanto”, known as one of the best wines in Greece. You can visit many vineyards in different parts of the island which are rumoured to be the oldest vineyards in the world! There are various guided tours in many wineries of the island, find the one that suits you and book and enjoy this special experience with your significant other.

For Couples – Private Sunset Tour with Dinner

The experience of cruising in the caldera of Santorini is probably the most relaxing and romantic getaway you can make during your stay on the island. Enjoy a wonderful dinner on board and be enchanted by the most beautiful sunset in the world. Keep the moment only for the two of you, by choosing a fully private boat for just the two of you. You can choose from a range of our popular catamarans, traditional sailing yachts or even a motor yacht, it is completely up to you and your preferences. No matter your choice of boat, you will have the opportunity to explore Santorini in luxury with your partner and spend five unforgettable unique hours with us. And if the moment is right, perhaps you will even “pop the question“!

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For Families – Horse Riding

When you think about what activity would be just as enjoyable for adults as it is for children, horse riding is definitely one of the first things that may to mind. Santorini offers many programs to choose from whether you are a beginner or an experienced horse rider. Would you like to explore the picturesque alleys in the village of Megalochori? Would you prefer to feel the summer breeze riding on Eros Beach? You will definitely find a route that suits you. An activity that the kids are going to love and you will remember as a great family excursion for a long time after you return home.

For Families – Private Boat Tour & Snorkeling

You have finally managed to go on a family vacation, you are planning it for a long time, and you are looking forward to these days of rest and enjoyment. The kids will definitely enjoy their vacation in Greece as they will have swimming, snorkeling, and water games. Mum and Dad may be in need of a little peace, some good food and some good wine! And of course you want to enjoy the unique view and the famous Santorini sunset in the best possible way.

We’ve got this! A private cruise is all you need is the perfect solution for families that want to experience the very best of Santorini. Visit areas that are accessible only by boat and swim in the famous Hot Springs! And if you need a little rest and relaxation enjoy a drink onboard and let the kids jump and swim from the boat for as long as they like – bliss!

Top Tip: Our crews are always ready to assist with any requirements needed for younger passengers, simply choose the Santorini cruise that interests you and let us know the details!