Santorini Volcano Fireworks 2023

Experience an amazing fireworks extravaganza this September in Santorini with our Volcano Magic cruise!

Volcano Fireworks 2023

Santorini’s annual extravaganza recreating the island’s historic volcano eruption of approximately 1620 BC is back and will take place this year on September 15th 2023. The festivities organised by the Municipality of Santorini will go beyond just the amazing fireworks show with events taking place throughout the island, but the night’s firework show is by far the biggest bang around. To ensure you experience this amazing spectacle the best way possible with unobstructed views of the show away from the crowds, we are thrilled to offer our exclusive Volcanoes 2023 cruise. Experience the awe inspiring fireworks show from the comfort of a private catamaran having first cruised past some of the islands most famous beaches and enjoying a fine dinner before preparing for the big event!