7 Day Crewed Charter

“The Cosmopolitan”

7 days crewed charter “The Cosmopolitan”

The proposed 7-day Cosmopolitan package promises an exciting experience that will reveal to you the most beautiful places in the Aegean Sea. Idyllic landscapes, bright night lights, and hidden treasures. So, get on-board and our journey shall begin from the port of Vlychada with first destination the island of Naxos. An island right in the heart of the Aegean Sea and its sea routes, with imposing mountain massifs and fertile valleys, inhabited by cheerful people with a long-recorded history of traditional dancing and music, full of beauties that enchant each of its visitors. Time for a relaxing and morning escape deep in the blue waters of the island.

Continuing our cruise the next stop is Mykonos, the “Island of the Winds”, located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. One of the most picturesque Cycladic islands, with white houses, chapels and windmills, and simultaneously a place, which has been internationally distinguished for its Cosmopolitan character. We will stay there for two days seizing the opportunity to enjoy all of what this island has to offer, all sorts of flavours and fun, strolling in the picturesque alleys, relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the sea and the illuminating sun.

On the fourth day, we will go on an exciting tour at the nearby picturesque and unexplored islands. Rhynia Island is our first stop, an unhabituated place, ruins of ancient temples and crystal blue sea waters. It is one of the few secret paradises of the Greek islands, even though it is right next to the super-popular island of Mykonos. Next is Delos, “where the light was born”. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is an arc of history, floating lazily on the waters of the Aegean Sea. Here we meet the revival of the glory of the Greek civilization.

In the afternoon of the fourth day, we arrive at Paros, planning to stay there for two days in order to have enough time to enjoy the bright beauty of the island. Paros radiates the light of the sun and reflects the beauty of the deep blue sea. Every beach has its own unique sound of music. Relax and embrace the caresses of the sun, wind, sea, and sand. Touch and feel the energy of the island.

Ios is our final stop spending our night under the spectacular landscape of the island. Maganari is our choice to spend a relaxing time away from the crowds, enjoying the golden sand and the crystal blue waters. Our trip ends the next day, heading towards Santorini with 7 days in our luggage full of pictures and experiences of unique beauty.

Charter Schedule
Schedule Day
Departure Time
Destination Island
Arrival Time
1st Day
Island : Santorini
Departure Time : 10:00
Destination Island : Naxos
Arrival Time : 19:00
2nd Day
Island : Naxos
Departure Time : 16:00
Destination Island : Mykonos
Arrival Time : 20:30
3rd Day
Island : Mykonos
4th Day
Island : Mykonos
Departure Time : 10:00
Destination Island : Rhynia
Arrival Time : 11:00
Island : Rhynia
Departure Time : 12:00
Destination Island : Delos
Arrival Time : 12:30
Island : Delos
Departure Time : 14:00
Destination Island : Paros
Arrival Time : 17:00
5th Day
Island : Paros
6th Day
Island : Paros
Departure Time : 10:00
Destination Island : Ios
Arrival Time : 16:00
7th Day
Island : Ios
Departure Time : 9:00
Destination Island : Santorini
Arrival Time : 12:00

* The company reserves the right a) to modify the route of the tour or cancel it due to inclement weather b) to carry out the tour with any vessel of the same category depending on the availability **The duration and the time schedule of the tour is adjusted during the season depending on the time of sunset.